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Who we are

The core business of our company involves the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of large capacity storage tanks for crude oil, crude oil products and other chemical derivatives.

These tanks come together with all the necessary accessories.

Our products are non-standard and their successful completion requires the cooperation of an entire team of experts.

Storage tanks

Large capacity steel storage tanks are the company’s main product.

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Storage tank accesories

Stairways, railing, service platforms, access and piping bridges and apparatus supporting structures.

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Tank repairs and refurbishment

Disassembly, replacement and repair of tanks and their parts.

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The focus of production and historical development of OKZ HOLDING have led the company to its long-term activities in refineries and other petrochemical and chemical operations.

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The only shareholder of Technoexport Storage is SAFICHEM PROJEKTY GROUP, an association of industrial companies which provide comprehensive services in the field of engineering, procurement, construction and management for complete industrial projects.

Trusted Partners

Our clients are leading companies in energy, petrochemical and civil engineering industries.