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Technoexport Storage specialises in the construction of large capacity steel storage tanks and steel structures.

Technoexport Storage offers complex deliveries of construction-technology investment units in the area of storing crude oil, crude oil products and other media of the kind. They are delivered on a turnkey basis. Technoexport Storage is among the biggest suppliers on the Czech and Baltic markets in the highly specialised area of steel shell structures construction.

Our clients are among the biggest companies working mainly in the area of the petroleum and chemical industries. The recent progress and development of the company are based on project contracts awarded to Technoexport Storage in this particular area and implemented to the highest quality standards. Technoexport Storage also operates in a number of other European countries and in the Russian Federation.

All company products are quality controlled in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. Occupational health and safety practices, as well as conformity with environmental policy comply with OHSAS 18001:2007 and/or ISO 14001:2004 standards.
Our Safety Management System also complies with the requirements of standard SCC**:2011, which is a must-have requirement for working in Western Europe.

Subsidiary companies

Technoexport Storage Lt, UAB – Lithuania

Main production plant for steel storage tanks, technological piping, steel and auxiliary structures

Technoexport Storage Ltd. – Bulgaria

The main source of workforce, providing the production and assembly personnel for the parent company and the whole SAFICHEM PROJEKTY GROUP

“We are delivering high quality tanks and structural steel in time since 2016.”


Storage tanks

Large capacity steel storage tanks are the company’s main product.

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Storage tank accesories

Stairways, railing, service platforms, access and piping bridges and apparatus supporting structures.

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Tank repairs and refurbishment

Disassembly, replacement and repair of tanks and their parts.

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The focus of production and historical development of OKZ HOLDING have led the company to its long-term activities in refineries and other petrochemical and chemical operations.

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