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Technoexport Storage production focuses on large capacity steel storage tanks for crude oil, petroleum products and industrial chemical storage.

The company’s range of products later expanded to include supplies of gas-holders, storage silos, fermentation units, biogas reactors and both pressure and non-pressure vessels for the chemical and food processing industries.

We also manufacture and install industrial steel structures and piping, with an option to include deliveries of filling and pumping stations. Our original focus of production and subsequent development have established Technoexport Storage on refinery equipment and other petrochemical and chemical operation markets. All products are continuously modernised in the light of current developments in particular fields and related to market demands.

Storage tanks

Large capacity steel storage tanks are the company’s main product.


Above ground cylindrical storage tanks with a volume of 100 m 3 – 125,000 m 3
The most common models and their possible modifications are as follows:

  • in steel retention tank (tank in tank)
  • with fixed steel roof
  • with floating steel roof
  • with fixed steel roof and steel pontoon
  • with fixed aluminium roof and aluminium pontoon
  • with double bottom and vacuum leakage detection system
  • Storable media: Crude oil and petroleum products, acids, alkalis and other liquid chemical substances, water and water solutions, sludge.

Material according to the type of media stored: structural carbon/stainless steel

Other types of storage tanks

  • gas holders
  • silos
  • biogas fermentation units/reactors
  • non-standard built-in storages units
  • pressure vessels
  • steel vessels for the chemical and food processing industries

Storable media: liquid, gas and bulk products

Material according to the type of media stored: structural carbon/stainless steel

Storage tank accesories

  • Storage tank accessories – stairways, railing, service platforms, access and piping bridges and apparatus supporting structures
  • Vacuum leakage detection system at the tank bottom
  • Technical equipment – sampling systems, vapour recovery and flame arresters, mixers for product homogenisation, hydrocarbon vapour recovery, floating suction, etc.
  • Fire-fighting equipment according to the type of product stored
  • Anti-corrosive protection
  • Thermal insulation of tanks and/or piping
  • Electrical installations and I & C systems
  • Piping – we supply a wide range of piping sections (DN15 – DN1200)

Tank repairs and refurbishment

  • Disassembly of damaged tanks
  • Replacement of corroded sections of tank
  • Double bottom supplementation incl. leakage detection system
  • Additional installation of floating roof (aluminium or steel)
  • Repairs and replacements of heating coils and floating roof seals
  • Tank insulation by spraying and/or jacketing
  • Repair of accessories and fire-fighting systems
  • Repair of old paint layers on storage tanks and piping

Technology steel structures, piping and distribution equipment

In addition to the company’s main product, Technoexport Storage is also involved in the production and erection of civil and technology steel structures, which are designed in accordance with ČSN 73 2601, ČSN 73 1401 (Czech national standards) and DIN 18800-7 standards.

Production techniques used – as well as welding and assembling processes comply with the relevant standards and are supported by specific certification documents applicable to particular technological processes. We supply both bolted and welded steel structures, with their surface treated according to customer requests, painted or zinc coated.

Production program:

  • Structures of steel halls – columns, roof beams, trusses, etc.
  • Stairways, railings, platforms, emergency stairways
  • Steel columns, tubular and trussed poles
  • Piping and access bridges, steel bridges, apparatus support structures

Custom-made structures for chemical and food processing industries

Piping distribution networks

Piping constitutes an integral part of storage terminals and chemical production facilities. It forms part of the tank equipment and connects various operation areas.

Technoexport Storage supplies and installs a wide range of piping assemblies (DN15 – DN1200) in carbon or stainless steel design, according to the requirements specified by the customer.

These can be supplied separately.

Pumping and filling stations

In the context of its complex range of products supplied and services provided, OKZ HOLDING also provides technical equipment for stored product output and input from/to fuel trucks, rail tanks, and/or tankers. Additionally and subject to customer’s demands, additives may be added to fuels, at dispatching platforms.

Refineries – service and maintenance

The focus of production and historical development of OKZ HOLDING have led the company to its long-term activities in refineries and other petrochemical and chemical operations.

Besides the construction of new storage tanks, we mainly carry out the following activities in refineries:

  • Repairs, maintenance and modernisation of tanks in operation
  • Repairs and maintenance of steel structures, piping bridges and special technologies
  • Repairs and maintenance of piping distribution networks
  • Repairs and maintenance of technical equipment

The above mentioned activities are performed during standards testing or during production equipment shutdown.

There is a special requirement for work safety in petrochemical and chemical operations with a danger of explosion; to comply with which the company has adopted special internal regulations.

Reliable partner

We are PC contractor specialized in turn-key deliveries of large-capacity storage tanks for crude oil, crude oil products, chemical substances and other media of the kind for the petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical and power energy industries.

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